Rainphase (2015)
for orchestra: 3333 / 4331 / timp + 4 perc / 2 hp / full strings
duration: 11'
2015 NZSO National Youth Orchestra Composer-in-Residence
Programme Note


For quite some time, the beauty and chaos of Wellington rain has inspired me to respond musically. My latest orchestral work ‘Rainphase’ draws on characteristics of water as rain: its shape and shapelessness, transparency and density, energy and calm, and its capacity for reflection in both a literal and emotional sense.


Structurally, it flows through various stages of this “phase” in the water cycle: last rays diminishing as grey clouds form; droplets released; a frenzy of water and wind; all collecting in streams. I’m particularly fascinated by the variation in sound and movement of raindrops depending on the material upon which they fall, and the texture created when these countless individual timbres and rhythms happen all at once.


The ending evokes a memorable moment of obscure beauty that I experienced on a still night last winter. Heavy rain had transformed empty streets into blurry mirrors, reflecting warm glows of street and traffic lights.

Rainphase was written for the 2015 NZSO National Youth Orchestra (Composer-in-Residence) and was awarded the 2016 SOUNZ Contemporary Award.

Score & Parts available at SOUNZ Centre for New Zealand Music  

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APRA Silver Scrolls – Rainphase cover

APRA Silver Scrolls – SOUNZ Contemporary Award

2015 NZSO National Youth Orchestra Composer-in-Residence

2015 NZSO National Youth Orchestra Composer-in-Residence: Radio New Zealand National Interview

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